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Perfect for staying hydrated in the gym or at the track, the Yamaha Racing Water Bottle from the Yamaha Racing Collection is constructed with a sport spout for quick water flow. The see-through translucent strawer with cap makes drinking on the go so much easier. With a leak-proof lid to prevent leaks, the Yamaha Racing Water Bottle can be stored in your sports bag.

  • Water bottle made from extra firm plastic, giving the bottle a longer lifespan
  • Sport spout and straw provides a quick flow of water
  • Designed with a screw top extra wide opening making it easier to add water and ice to drink
  • Easy to use clear straw, perfect for when riding so you dont have to remove your helmet
  • Yamaha Racing logo featured twice on the bottle
  • Leak-proof design helps prevent spills

Composition: 100% Plastic – BPA free

Colour: Blue/Black

Capacity: 500mL